The FreeCEN project

The North & South Staffordshire Ancestors Projects

The project which is now on line atFreeCEN - Search , will provide a "free-to-view" online searchable database of all the
19th century Staffordshire census returns.
    It is part of an initiative aimed at
helping make high quality primary (or near-primary) records of relevance to UK
genealogy conveniently and freely available online.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS) have
kindly loaned us the Census microfiche for these projects.
We have already start transcription of many Staffordshire towns, and others will be started as soon as we recruit more transcribers. The 1861 Census is also available on CD. This will enable volunteers to now work directly from their PC without having to use a Microfiche Reader.
Competed pieces are shown as "On-Line"and can be seached FREE of Charge at FreeCEN - Search
Anyone interested in volunteering as a transcriber/checker, please contact either
Dave Dudley for South Staffordshire
1891 Census South West Central Staffs South East

1861 Census South West Central Staffs South East

or Ian Cameron for North Staffordshire

1891 Census North West North East North Staffs Moorland

1861 Census North West North East North Staffs Moorland

The Project makes use of specially developed software modules for data entry,
checking, validation and database upload, under the global name of UK-CENS,
and the software is described on the parent project's page at

Volunteers need a computer and access to a microfiche reader (for the 1891 census only).
Microfiche (see description)for 1891 or a CD for 1861, software, instructions and lots of advice will be supplied by the organisers.
There is also a dedicated mailing list to ask questions on and to receive advice about
changes or upgrades to the software.

There are two phases.
In the first, volunteers transcribe the returns and load the data into the software.

In the second phase the transcriptions will be checked
against the microfiche(CD for 1861) using a seperate piece of software.

The software for both phases is designed to make the tasks as easy as possible.
Many of the Census returns have now been transcribed and checked and
are beling uploaded to the online database.

These project are designed to help not just ourselves and others who are researching
Staffordshire family history, but to also build a valuable resource that will help future family historians.
It is also designed to appeal to all online family historians.

If you are online you can partipate from wherever you are!

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