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1891 census RG12/XXXX Stone, Newcastle under Lyme and Wollaston Area Transcriptions

Here's a list of the data for the 1891 census with
film references,
and the current status as of the last update
Date updated 9:58 PM 2/6/2006

Piece No Registration District Registration Sub-District Allocated Transcribed Checking Checked
2142StoneStoneNoNoNo No
2143StoneStoneNoNoNo No
2144StoneEcceleshallYESNoNo No
2145StoneTrenthamNoNoNo No
2146StoneTrenthamNoNoNo No
2147Newcastle und LymeWhitmoreYESYESYES YES
2148Newcastle und LymeNewcastleNOPARTNo No
2149Newcastle und LymeNewcastleNoNoNo No
2150Newcastle und LymeNewcastleYESYESNo No
2151Newcastle und LymeAudleyNoNoNo No
2152Newcastle und LymeAudleyNoNoNo No
2153WolstantonWolstantonNONoNo No
2154WolstantonWolstantonNONoNo No
2155WolstantonWolstantonNONoNo No
2156WolstantonTunstallYESNoNo No
2157WolstantonTunstallYESNoNo No
2158WolstantonTunstallYESNoNo No
2159WolstantonTunstallYESNoNo No
2160WolstantonTunstallYESNoNo No
2161WolstantonBurslemYESYESNo No
2162WolstantonBurslemNONoNo No
2163WolstantonBurslemNoNoNo No
2164WolstantonBurslemNONoNo No
2165WolstantonBurslemNONoNo No

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