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1891 census RG12XXXX Walsall, West Bromwich & SE Staffs. Transcriptions

Here's a list of the data for the 1891 census with
film references,
and the current status as of the last update
Date updated 4:11 PM 5/21/2004

Piece No Registration District Registration Sub-District Allocated Transcribed Checking Checked
2245WalsallDarlastonYESYESNo No
2246WalsallDarlastonYESYESNo No
2247WalsallBloxwichNoNoNo No
2248WalsallBloxwichNoNoNo No
2249WalsallWalsallYESNoNo No
2250WalsallWalsallYESNoNo No
2251WalsallWalsallYESYESNo No
2252WalsallWalsallYESYESNo No
2253WalsallWalsallYESYESYES On-Line
2254WalsallWalsallYESYESNo No
2255WalsallWalsallYESYESNo No
2256WalsallWalsallYESNoNo No
2257WalsallAldridgeYESNoNo No
2258WalsallAldridgeNoNoNo No
2259West BromwichHandsworthYESNoNo No
2260West BromwichHandsworthNoNoNo No
2261West BromwichHandsworthNoNoNo No
2262West BromwichHandsworthNoNoNo No
2263West BromwichHandsworthNoNoNo No
2264West BromwichOldburyYESYesNo No
2265West BromwichOldburyYESNoNo No
2266West BromwichOldburyYESNoNo No
2267West BromwichW Brom SW YESNoNo No
2268West BromwichW Brom SW YESNoNo No
2269West BromwichW Brom SW YESNoNo No
2270West BromwichW Brom SW NoNoNo No
2271West BromwichW Brom NE NoNoNo No
2272West BromwichW Brom NE NoNoNo No
2273West BromwichW Brom NE NoNoNo No
2274West BromwichW Brom NE NoNoNo No
2275West BromwichWednesburyYESNoNo No
2276West BromwichWednesburyYESNoNo No
2277West BromwichWednesburyYESNoNo No
2278West BromwichWednesburyYESNoNo No

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