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LDS Michrofiche Pieces
(and 1891 Census Example)

The following are some notes explaining the information contained in the micro fiche piece provided on loan that you have received (or will receive) for transcribing, and also a brief summary of the software (IN-CENS) input requirements. [NOTE - a Tutorial is included to provide practical experience of how to enter data]

        NOTE: The page numbers in bold are not necessarily
        to be found - they are introduced for the
        purposes of this documentation

        Page 0 (physically top left of the fiche).
           This is a blank page.
        Page 1 [If present!]
           A handwritten form and "title page" for
           the Piece. The left side being a record of
           which particular clerks did various statistical
           functions. The right side contains a
           summary of the Enumeration Districts (Name & Number).
           This info can be of help when having difficulties
           in determining the Enum No. in Page i below.

        Page i  provides a description of the
           district covered by the Census pages
      	      Top left is the "District and Subdistrict"
      	      Top right is "Enumeration Number"
           You will need the Enum No. for input purposes.

      It's a good idea to read the rest of the hand
      written text on this page as the words should be fairly
      familiar and it will start to get you used to the
      enumerators handwriting style. 

	Page ii general instructions for the enumerator.
	  This explains what the enumerator should write in each
	  column. After a while you'll know these by heart.
	Page iii is a sample page
	   (you do not transcribe this!).
	Page iv is a summary page (not used)
	Page v is a abstract page (not used)
	Page vi is a signature page (not used)

	Pages (iv) to (vi): "not used" means not relevant for
	transcription purposes.

      Now we come to the main pages to be transcribed,
	and the details to be entered. For complete
	information on data entry requirements, you will
	need to refer to Fields Descriptions.

      Information that will go into the IN-CENS
	  "New page/Household" template.
	the "Folio Number" is a large stamped number (usually)
	  on the outside top right corner and is stamped
	  (without other explanation) on every other page.
	  Invariably, the Folio Number starts as "4".
	  Therefore Folio "5" would occur two pages after.
	the "Page Number" starts at # 1 & is inside the margin.
	the columns that you need to transcribe are
 	the Schedule Number, Street Number and Name,
	  and Dwelling Status. V.I. Note: The settings for
	  "Dwelling Status" are variously explained in
	  Fields Descriptions.

       Then information for "Household Entry"
	"Forename" and "Surname"
	"Relation" (to Head)
	"Status" condition as to marriage
	"Male or Female"(determined from age column
	"Age" last birthday and 
	"Occupation" or profession including employment
		type ("employer, employee or neither")
	Where born: "County" and "Place" ie town
	"Disability": deaf and dumb,blind,lunatic

	When a Household is completed, press End H'hold button
	and go to the next Schedule Number and repeat to end of
	page [See Definition of "Household" (Input Batching)].

	NOTE If the Household continues to next Census Page
	then press A New Page button to
	change Page/Folio Number.

	When pressing either End H'hold button
	or A New Page button you are given a
	chance to check summary details of entries, and amend.
Now proceed ad infinitum.

Typically a enumeration district will have from 20 to 35 pages of households. Then the whole sequence will start all over without the instruction and summary pages etc., then another 20-25 pages of occupants.

As each page has about 30 occupants and there are about 75 occupants pages per fiche (the others are the summary pages) by the time you've transcribed a complete fiche slide you will have completed about 2000 to 2500 entries. If there are multiple slides, then once you've finished one, proceed to the next. It's only when the last slide for the Piece has been completed that the "Pack for Sending" Utilities' option is used.

Essential Links

Further, General, Census Details

There is a substantial amount of information at this site (you need to be on-line for this!). Alternatively, there is the book Making Use of the Census (PRO Readers' Guide No. 1) by Susan Lumas, 1997 (ISBN 1 873162 43 X). 
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