Status of the FreeCEN
RG12/XXXX Stoke upon Trent and Leek Area Transcriptions

Here's a list of the data for the 1891 census with
film references,
and the current status as of the last update
Date updated 9:54 PM 2/6/2006

Piece No Registration District Registration Sub-District Allocated Transcribed Checking Checked
2166Stoke upon TrentHanleyNONoNo No
2167Stoke upon TrentHanleyNONoNo No
2168Stoke upon TrentHanleyNONoNo No
2169Stoke upon TrentHanleyNONoNo No
2170Stoke upon TrentSheltonYESYESNo No
2171Stoke upon TrentSheltonYESNoNo No
2172Stoke upon TrentSheltonNoNoNo No
2173Stoke upon TrentSheltonYESYESNo No
2174Stoke upon TrentSheltonNoNoNo No
2175Stoke upon TrentStoke upon TrentYESYESNO No
2176Stoke upon TrentStoke upon TrentNoNoNo No
2177Stoke upon TrentStoke upon TrentNoNoNo No
2178Stoke upon TrentFentonYESYESYES YES
2179Stoke upon TrentFentonYESYESNO No
2180Stoke upon TrentLongtonYESNoNo No
2181Stoke upon TrentLongtonYESYESYES YES
2182Stoke upon TrentLongtonYESYESNo No
2183LeekNortonYESNoNo No
2184LeekNortonYESYESNo No
2185LeekLeekYESNoNo No
2187LeekLeek FrithYESYESNo No
2188LeekLongnorYESYESYES YES

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