Status of the FreeCEN
1891 Census Dudley and South West Staffs. Transcriptions

Here's a list of the data for the 1891 census with
film references,
and the current status as of the last update
Date updated 1:46 PM 10/29/2003

Piece No Registration District Registration Sub-District Allocated TranscribedChecking Checked
2279DudleyRowley RegisYESNoNo No
2280DudleyRowley RegisYESNoNo No
2281DudleyRowley RegisYESNoNo No
2282DudleyRowley RegisNoNoNo No
2283DudleyTiptonYESYESNO No
2284DudleyTiptonYESNoNo No
2285DudleyTiptonNoNoNo No
2286DudleyTiptonYESNoNo No
2287DudleySedgleyYESNoNo No
2288DudleySedgleyNoNoNo No
2289DudleySedgleyNoNoNo No
2290DudleySedgleyYESNoNo No
2291DudleySedgleyNoNoNo No
2292DudleySedgleyYESYESNo No
2293DudleyDudleyYESNoNo No
2294DudleyDudleyNoNoNo No
2295DudleyDudleyNoNoNo No
2296DudleyDudleyYESNoNo No
2297DudleyDudleyNoNoNo No
2298DudleyDudleyNoNoNo No

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