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Radio shows and personalities.

Do you remember 'Happydrome', with 'Ramsbottom and Enoch and me'? "We three on Happydrome Working for the BBC Ramsbottom and Enoch and me"......"Over to you, Enoch - Back to you Ramsbottom"
Then there was the character who always began his routine with: The day war broke out, my missus said to me........
'Loopy Lou' on Workers' Playtime, who always ended with a song with the catch line: When you are in trouble, and you don't know what to do Just write your names on five pound notes and send to Loopy Lou
(I had NEVER even seen a 5 note when I listened to that!)
Comedians who ALWAYS ended with a song, no matter how awful their voice!......

Ahhhh -- "Much Binding in the Marsh" -- that's very close to my favourite; how many listers remember "Take It From Here" with Ben Lyon, Bebe Daniels and Professor Jimmy Edwards? Especially Jimmy Edwards' outraged howl (when another cast member did something particularly "saft"): "Yooouuu ... cllummmsyy ... CLLODD!!!" (or was it "clot"?) It was a bit hard to tell for sure, because I was "listening in" to the BBC on short wave from 7000 miles away in Argentina, and the fading, static, interference, etc., made "staying tuned in" a full-time occupation! We also listened to The Merchant Navy Programme, which kept me up-to-date on pop music -- although, since this was not part of the BBC's Home Service, other listers may not remember it.....Roger

And was it not Billy Cotton's Band Show at lunch time aswell? Wakey Wakey!!.....Linda B
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