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Shrove Tuesday & pancakes

I like pancakes made very thin, and served with thin slices of fruit, eg out of season strawbs, or kiwi. S'POSE they MIGHT have fewer calories that way?......Penny

As a diabetic, I shall still enjoy my pancakes using Canderel Spoonful (sweetener) but with lime juice - lemon juice is too acid for me. Mind you, I remember during WW2, we had pancakes and spread either treacle or condensed milk on them - couldn't get lemons. Ah, those were the days.....Vic

Shrove Tuesday tomorrow Mustn't forget the pancakes.
4 ounces of flour
pinch of salt
half a pint of milk
one egg.
If you like more then double or treble the amounts. The traditional English way to serve them is with sugar & lemon juice but I bet you can suggest a good alternative. Careful how you toss them. Regards......Pat.
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