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Status of the FreeCEN
1861 Census Dudley and South West Staffs. Transcriptions

Here's a list of the data for the 1861 census with
film references,
and the current status as of the last update
Date updated 11:37 AM 2/4/2010

Piece No Registration District Registration Sub-District Allocated TranscribedChecking Checked
2037DudleyRowley RegisYESYESNo No
2038DudleyRowley RegisYESYESNo No
2039DudleyRowley RegisYESYESNo No
2040DudleyTiptonYESNONo No
2041DudleyTiptonYESNoNo No
2042DudleyTiptonYESNONo No
2043DudleyTiptonYESYESYES On-Line
2044DudleyTiptonYESYESYES On-Line
2045DudleyTiptonYESYESYES On-Line
2046DudleySedgleyYESyESYES On-Line
2047DudleySedgleyYESYESYES On-Line
2048DudleySedgleyYESYESYES On-Line
2049DudleySedgleyYESYESYES On-Line
2050DudleySedgleyYESNONo No
2051DudleySedgleyYESYESYES On-Line
2052DudleySedgleyYESNoNo No
2053DudleySedgleyYESYESYES On-Line
2054DudleyDudley(WOR)YESYESYES On-Line
2055DudleyDudley(WOR)YESYESYES On-Line
2056DudleyDudley(WOR)YESNONO NO
2057DudleyDudley(WOR)YESYESYES On-Line
2058DudleyDudley(WOR)YESYESYES On-Line
2059DudleyDudley(WOR)YESYESYES On-Line
2060DudleyDudley(WOR)YESYESYES On-Line
2061DudleyDudley(WOR)YESYESYES On-Line
2062DudleyDudley(WOR)YESYESYES On-Line
2063StourbridgeHalesowen(WOR)YESYESYES On-Line
2064StourbridgeHalesowen(WOR)YESYESYES On-Line

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